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Unity Candles

Symbolic of two becoming one.

After making their promises to each other and exchanging rings, the bride and groom each take a lighted taper and together light the unity candle. A beautiful picture of their two lives now joined together as one.

Personalised unity candles make a gorgeous centrepiece in any wedding celebration. Here at Eden Candles we have been producing personalised unity candles for many years. Choose from one of our established designs or work closely with our experienced designer to produce the unity candle that will fit perfectly into your special day.

Many couples will light their unity candle each year on their wedding anniversary. Our personalised unity candles are made from the highest quality wax and their long burning times will ensure that you can enjoy your unity candle for many years to come.

Co-ordinated wedding candle favours and table decorations can be added to complete your wedding package.

Contact us today to discuss your ideas and requirements with our experienced designer. Call 01952 503818 or send an email to weddings@edencandles.co.uk.